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    Arrested Development
    1.02 - Top Banana

    They’re grown-ups. They’re allowed to have fun whenever they want. We’re kids. We’re supposed to be working.

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  2. When a non-law asshat told me that law school couldn’t be too hard since all it is is just a bunch of reading


  3. UF Student Proves Gatorade is the Only Thing the School has Left to Brag About



    A video released today by UF’s most musically and artistically talented students proves that due to the university’s recent lack of success in pretty much everything, Gator fans have to look back fifty years to the invention of Gatorade to find anything worth bragging about.   

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    omg you can’t just ask people why they’re ignorant



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  7. The next time you see someone saying the GOP war on women is a myth, remember that today every single Republican voted against equal pay legislation.


    Every. One.

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    This morning a photo began circulating of Doak Campbell Stadium being occupied. By bad taste.

    In preparation for the official announcement of Chief Walmart, the new logo in question was shown being plastered over the Marching Chiefs’ large “elephant door”. Various friends made comments and posts along the lines of “I guess they’re really going through it”, “what’s done is done” and “so it begins”.

    I struggled with what to say, how to convey that I felt exactly just as ignored and defeated as they did. And then I realized that I am a Seminole.

    I don’t “do” ignored and I sure as hell don’t “do” defeated.

    So please listen to what I’m telling you (and not telling you): This is not done. There is very much that is still happening behind the scenes.

    There are people who are keeping a close eye on the official launch and the following fan response. For those of you that feel that anything you have to say about your disapproval of the new logo is just an exercise in futility, you are completely wrong.

    The school and Nike are betting on the outrage to subside so they can continue with business as usual this fall. They’re counting on the very people that they’ve taught to to support FSU through good times and bad, will either get over it eventually or be so conflicted as to HOW to protest that they WON’T protest.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I’m raising the Bat-Signal.

    If you want to boo, boo loudly.

    If you want to make a shirt, make sure you use neon glittery puff paint.

    If you’re going to make a sign, make it so awesome that it ends up as a post on Buzzfeed.

    If you want to wear the Tommie Wright logo in support, post a picture or status update to every single social media profile you have. Reactivate your MySpace page if you really wanna be dedicated about it.

    If you want to write an e-mail, don’t just send it to the email address the school provided to you (you will not like what’s been happening with those emails) but to any and every address you can find for FSU Athletics, Nike and yes, even the Seminole Tribe Of Florida because they should know what Florida State is doing to their name.

    Do not feel constricted by good form, loyalty or sentiment to hold back since the school did not feel obliged to do the same.

    Florida State University has a namesake that symbolizes a proud sense of rebellion and defiance for the sake of what’s right. They’ve spent years, effort and money to instill those lessons within their students, fans and alumni.

    It’s time to do as we were taught.

    Seminole Uprising.

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